DISCLAIMER: Primetime not running bet on NSMQ2018

It has come to our notice that some persons are organising a “promotion” or “bet” under the name NSMQ Predict & win. Through this game, a subscriber is requested to input their personal details and asked to make some payments.

Primetime, as owners of the NSMQ brand, have no hand in this promotion and condemn this act in the strongest possible terms.

Kindly note that we do not condone gambling and that fans who participate in the aforementioned bet do so at their own risk.

While we use the official NSMQ Social media accounts to whip up interest in the programme by requesting predictions, we do not set any odds, nor take money from subscribers. We only leave such predictions as fun activities and reward the winners with our branded souvenirs.

We would also like all our followers to note that we DO NOT have a WhatsApp platform. Our only official social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you

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